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Google Gravity Trick

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Google Gravity is one of the top fun Google tricks. Although many people already know this trick but it seems this trick will never be outdated.

Google Gravity is a site specially designed for people who hate Google (if you does not hate Google, do not worry, you can still play it). search box, search button, Google logo and other components get loss of balance, so that all components will drawn to the bottom of the browser.

So let’s play it now, go to Google Homepage, type in , “Google Gravity“ and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. And BAMM see what happens!

Things you can do in Google Gravity:

  1. Click and hold any element then drag it around the screen. Move and throw that element anywhere, other objects collide with it will bounce and strewn.
  2. Do a search as usual, type keyword into text box then press enter. Google can still perform its function to do a web search based on keywords that you type. But the unique thing is you will found the search results falling down from the top to the bottom of the page.
  3. Watch the Google buttons to come crashing down to the bottom of the page. Try this as a trick on friends or family that aren’t Internet savvy. They may believe they broke Google’s website.
  4. Click any of the elements, move your cursor and release them. You can throw them around the page. You can also pick up the Google logo and swing it around in a circle.
  5. Wait one minute for the search query bar to return. Use it as you normally would.

Google Gravity is one of the fun Google tricks, based on javascript, that Google introduced in 2009. The original trick may not work for you due to the changes Google’s recently made to improve search results. So if you attempt the trick and Google populates results when you type “Google Gravity” in the search bar, you will need to switch off the instant results feature.

Google Gravity is really amazing trick, happy play it.


  1. Thank you I’ve been trying to play tricks with google gravity on my friends this really helped me

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