Tuesday , 25 November 2014
New Google Tricks

Remove All Your Google Web History ?

Google Tricks List - Remove All Your Google Web History?

As most of you already know, Google keeps a tab on pretty much everything you do on a Google site, provided that you signed in on any one of these websites. Everything you do is recorded, and can be used against you in the future. Search data can reveal particularly sensitive information about you, such as facts about your location, ... Read More »

Trick Gtalk – Force Idle Status on Google Talk

Google Tricks List

We all love chatting. Google Talk gives us freedom to talk anywhere and anytime wiht our online friends. Message them instantaneously, transfer files, share photos – we love it all. But what we don’t like is getting disturbed by some unwanted friend. We really don’t want to chat at that moment but we are forced for maintaining relations. Can we ... Read More »

Stop Mails from Random Google Plus Users to Your Gmail

Google Tricks List

Google now allows anyone who has Google+ account to send you email, even if they don’t have your email address. Though they cannot see your email address but still they can contact you from your Google+ profile. In simpler terms, you are exposed to everyone on the internet and they can send you unwanted mails whenever they want. The only ... Read More »

21 Cool Google Search Tricks – Infographic

Google Tricks List

So, here we are again with a nice infographic showing cool Google Search tricks. When I received the infographic, I was shocked. It’s so informational that even I couldn’t imagine Google tricks like these existed. You can use this infographic to learn about 21 top Google tricks, no doubt. The tricks range from using Google search as a count timer ... Read More »

How To Be a Google Power User? – Infographic

Google Tricks List

How To Be a Google Power User? Hello everyone! Today, we’ve come up with an interesting infographic which tells you how to become a Google power user. It includes some of the finest Google search tricks that make your Google search experience a lot better than ever before. Do let us know what you think about this presentation of Google ... Read More »

How to delete Google+ page?

How to delete Google+ page? - Google Tricks List

Do you have a Google+ page that is unused from long time or for some reasons you want to delete it? When you tried to delete Google+ Page, it warned you that Google account associated with that page will also get deleted and thus you got confused which account they are talking about? Don’t worry. I’ve tried to explain here ... Read More »

Askew – Another Google Fun Trick

Askew trick - Google fun tricks

This is another really fun trick from Google, same with other interesting Google tricks, like Google Gravity, Google Space, etc. This Google fun trick is also called the Tilt trick of Google. We’ll talk about it in a while. The Askew trick is one of those tricks that Google presents just to amuse its users. The word actually means “tilted” ... Read More »

Fun Google Tricks with Calculator

Fun Google Tricks- Number of horns on a unicorn

So, here we are with just another collection of fun Google tricks. Today’s tricks are exclusively for Google calculator, a great functionality provided within Google search. Most of internet users have known Google calculator, but not many of them know how to use Google calculator besides just solving math calculations. However, there are a lot of funny things about Google ... Read More »

Google Space Trick

Google Space Trick - Google Tricks List

Looking for other cool Google tricks like Google gravity? I guess that you have not played this trick before. Google Space was adopted from Angry Birds Space game. When Angry Birds Space got released on March 22, 2012, Mr. Doob as the author of this trick thought that he should also make a space mode to Google Gravity. Unlike other tricks, ... Read More »